WARNING: New Twitter Phishing Scam Spreading via Direct Message


Here’s How To Stay Safe:

Twitter users have reported receiving an onslaught of suspicious messages that appear to be part of a phishing scam.

Many people on Twitter say they’ve been sent Direct Messages (DMs) or Tweets that include a generic message encouraging the recipient to click on a link, along with a URL.

Some of the messages that have been received have read “You’re on this vid!”, “hah, i think i seen u on here,” “wow. you look different on here,” or “rofl this you?“, each one followed by a link to a site that begins with the URL “http://videos”.

WARNING: If you receive a DM or Tweet with one of these messages that appears to be a phishing scam, do not click on the link.

Never provide your Twitter (Twitter) username and password to any website that seems suspicious in any way. If you’ve been tricked, make sure to change your Twitter password immediately.

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