NEW CAR → New 9ff GT9-R could be the World’s Fastest Car

If you’re looking for the world’s fastest car, this very well could be it. It’s called the GT9-R, and it’s the latest product from Porsche tuners extraordinaire 9ff. Although based loosely on a Porsche 911, little of the end product is shared with the existing sportscar. Instead the GT9-R packs as much as 1120 horsepower in a lightweight custom body for a top speed in excess of 414 km/h (257 mph), making it arguably the fastest car in the world – faster even than the Bugatti Veyron.

Although intended for use on a race track, the GT9-R (like the marginally less extreme GT9 before it) is fully street legal (in Europe, at least), and is available in 750 and 987 horsepower guises as well. Only twenty will be made at an undisclosed price, but considering the “base” GT9 cost half a million euros, make sure you’ve got enough left over for gas and tires.

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