Baby Born Without Brain

In case you don’t know about this child:

Pueblo, Colorado–A baby boy in Pueblo is a living miracle. Nicholas Coke was born without a brain. This week he’s marked a milestone nobody dreamed could happen.

Coke was born with a genetic disease called Anencephaly. He had no brain, just a brain stem. His mom Sheena says, “He can’t see, he can’t hear, he can’t suck. He doesn’t crawl, doesn’t sit up.”
Rest here:

Now I am not sure what I really feel about this. I understand it is a miracle that the child is still alive, but what does one call alive?

Is this baby alive or a shell? Without a brain, how does the child verbalize pain, hunger, a diaper change? He cannot see nor hear his mother. Without a brain does he feel human contact?

I wondered about that before around his birth, and now one year later he has made no progress, nor ever will.

The mother claims the child smile and laughed. I am wondering if she is fooling herself because of her love…

Is she delaying the aspects of the child’s death, or will this babe be the first ever child as such to live into adulthood…and what kind of life will he have?

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