reppo ii boombox backpack plug-and-play

FORGet HEADphones… i need one of these bad boys!!!

Check out this awesome backpack that will surely catch your attention. Reppo II looks like a stylish bag with in-built pair of full-range loudspeakers and an amplifier. This concept is designed by a student Joonas Saaranen. You just need to plug in any audio source, tie the whole thing on our back and share your choice of music with your friends. It would have been better if the big black patches were a sub-woofer. The whole concept is just perfect for all music lovers. So, get ready to kick out the jams as you walk down the street.

3 Responses to “reppo ii boombox backpack plug-and-play”

  1. carlos solis Says:

    where do i can buy one

  2. i like i been looking all over for something like this!!!

  3. i need on this is the kind of back pack I’ve been needing and wanting how do i get it and how much do i have to pay for it??

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