Tokyo Designer Week

Modular Bench by Shizuka Tatsuno


Young Japanese designer Shizuka Tatsuno has designed an upholstered bench that can be converted into a chaise longue or an armchair and side table.


Designed for single-occupant living, Modular Bench can be reconfigured by moving upholstered elements that slot into holes in the base.


Tatsuno exhibited the bench at 100% Design Tokyo in November.


Here’s some text from the designer:

Shizuka Tatsuno is a product and furniture designer who moved to the UK in 2005 and graduated with the first class honor from the product and furniture course in Kingston University London in 2008. She exhibited in New Designers Exhibition, Tent London and 100% Design Tokyo Prototype in 2008 and is currently based in Tokyo.


Products revealing quality from using over time

Modular Bench is a modular seating unit for a live-alone. The bench can be changed to an arm chair with a small table, and a couch by sticking the arms and back in different holes and transforming the cushion.






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