Tyra Banks To Launch Fashion and Beauty Website

Tyra Banks sure knows how to make bank! The former supermodel is proving that there isn’t anything that she can’t do. The 36 year-old talk show host announced that she is launching a fashion and beauty website that will offer how-to videos and styling advice. Oh, and there’s an app for it! The entrepreneur wants to get in on the mobile phone action as well. She recently quit her five-year-old talk show to pursue the online venture.

Tyra Banks Fashion

Tyra Banks was a veteran of the catwalk and a bona fide supermodel by the time she was snapped at the 26th Annual NAACP Awards in 1994. The runway diva, then just 21 years old, was rocking a simple but stylized gypsy look, complete with long beaded necklace, scarf and romantic curls.

“I have always been passionate about harnessing my experience and knowledge in the beauty and fashion business and creating an engine that would provide my audience with inspirational and instructional content to help them look and feel their best,” Banks said of the new venture.
Banks will launch her vision with Demand Media, a private company that creates online content bundled for social media platforms- meaning the site will be extremely interactive and entertaining. No wonder she was named on of Time magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world. It must be nice to be so bankable.

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