Why do men cheat?

Men like John Edwards, Jesse James and Tiger Woods had it all: talent, fame, money, and a beautiful family. Yet with everything to lose, they cheated on their wives. Why DO men stray? And could it happen to you?

Reasons why men say they cheat: ((Top Ten))

1. “She ain’t what she used to be.”

2. “She just doesn’t “get” me.”

3. “It’s the thrill.”

4. “It’s just sex.”

5. “Because we can.”

6. “Sex at home is boring.”

7. “Just couldn’t say no.”

8. “To get even!”

9. “She just isn’t physically appealing anymore.”

10. “The chase is exhilarating”

If you feel anyway about this post leave a comment or have anymore to add to the list hit me up!

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