“A Mind Boggling Thing I Don’t Understand About Women”

Here’s a blog post from Blogxilla.com, this post caught my attention and i think you would agree. Enjoy!

“I’m sorry, but I’d rather have a jump off over a wifey any day. There are no rules that say you can’t go out with your jump. No rules that say you cannot lay up at your jumpoff’s house and play her nintendo wii or watch some new releases from her netflix account. Typical wifey positions, but more and more often these jumpoffs are getting the game twisted.

Case in point: You meet a girl, via myspace, facebook, twitter, youtube, or half naked in the club, drunk and making out with any dude willing to buy a drink. You exchange numbers, hold wonderful conversations about sex, music, sex, favorite foods and get the occasional faceless nude body part, picture mailed to your phone. IM’s, emails and texts read like a cinderella story of what one would do in various sex scenarios.

Things are going great! You’ve met someone who likes the same sort of dirty sex sh*t you like. You assume when you see each other things will pop off and the two of you will have a wonderful sex relationship, that can last a long time. You envision sex in parking lots, dark alleys, the side of New York City brownstones, motels, cars and everyone once in a while the person’s bed. But, no0o0o0o! Now you’re freaky conversation partner wants to be the Mother Theresa of Jumpoffs.

You hear: “Oh, I don’t have sex on the first date.”, or “I don’t know you well enough” or some other cockamamie excuse for not spreading the legs like the jumpoff she is! Like, there is something wrong with being a jumpoff. Men love JUMPOFFS! We’ve all played the jumpoff at one point in our life. You, me, him, her and that model chick from down the block. I’m willing to bet money that 80% of the women who read this blog have giving it up for less, than a few text messages and Mcdonald’s, to lesser men than your average FedEx worker.

There is nothing wrong with being a jumpoff, and more women should embrace their inner jumpoff. The jumpoff is needed in society, in order to maintain order and sanity in the world. Most dudes are jumpoffs, good for nothing other than supplying a female with some good D, on demand. Otherwise he’s a worthless bum who can’t pay half a phone bill, a light bill, or drop some cash for a nice night on the town. His only purpose is coming over her house, eating up all her food, and giving her some good D. Many women even know this guy, he’s probably on your couch now, watching sportscenter or on his way over to break her off something proper.

So why must the average jumpoff, get holy and have standards, like a n*gga don’t know her track record? If I wanted a good girl I would have went to church, or the bookstore, and who knows I might luck up and meet a holy Christian woman who knows how to read a good book, just as well as she knows how to give sloppy bj. Ladies embrace your inner jumpoff and have a blessed day.”

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