10 Things that Men Check Out About Women

Men are smitten by different things: some are booty-ologists, some men are taken by long hair or a nice smile.  But if you’re missing a particular asset, that doesn’t leave you sexually bankrupt, because you never know what’s going to get that man going.  You can think of a man’s attraction to be like money in a bank account: It doesn’t matter if you fill it with five dollar bills, ten dollar bills or twenties, you just have to have a certain amount in the end.  So, even if a guy is a leg man, a woman with average legs might still get him by having a great smile, and a stellar personality.  Missing one thing doesn’t kill your sex appeal.  Here’s a short list of the things that men notice about women.  You may know some of this already, but you’ve never heard it quite like this:

1) The size of the badonk-adonk
The black man’s love affair with the booty probably goes back thousands of years.  We write songs about it, we dream about it, we talk about it and we always take a peak at you as you’re walking away (like a mandatory booty check).  If you don’t have the booty, all is not lost though, since you may catch your man with something else.

2)  The breast-asiz

I have no idea why men have a fascination with a woman’s breasts, but “the boobies” are sure-fire conversation starters at any social gathering. Some men like them as large as possible, while others just want to know that you have them.  We don’t quite know what we will do with them, but we just want them, period.  Unfortunately, the less endowed women of the world are stuck with the same embarrassment that men feel when women make fun of the size of a man’s baby-maker.   But in the same vein, a lot of gorgeous women are not so well endowed, and still get lots of play.

3) What beautiful hair you have!

There’s a reason women will go bankrupt taking care of their hair.  Hair, for women, gives them the strength of their sex appeal.  You can rock it short, long, curly, straight or nappy, as long as you have your own personal swag.  Just find a man with tastes that match what you’re wearing.  You also know by now that men are always peeking.

4) What do you use those lips for anyway?

Thick, juicy lips are always nice on a woman, especially a black one.  Angelina Jolie gets major props for her big lips, but the truth is that black women possess lips like no other (so Angelina is just a substitute for the real thing).  Nice, full lips can get a man’s mind going places that it probably shouldn’t go and may get you on his radar.

5) The eyes have it

There’s nothing more exciting than a woman’s eyes.  A woman’s eyes can be the highway to her soul.  If you’re working the eyes, you might have us hypnotized like five-year olds watching the Disney Channel.

6) Smiles for miles

A smiling, happy, inviting woman can be the sexiest thing in the world.  On the flip, a snarling, mean-looking woman reminds us of our angry, overweight kindergarten teacher who wasn’t getting enough sex.  If you’ve got a nice smile, use it at every available opportunity.  It can make the right man fall in love with you.

7) Beauty is only skin deep. What kind of person are you?

Opinions on this can vary, but personally, I think that a woman who is ugly on the inside can end up nullifying every ounce of her beauty.  Men hope women are going to be nice and engaging, not cold and deceptive.  In fact, the ugliest woman in the world is the one who thinks she can have whatever she wants because she’s so fine.  A little kindness goes a long way, so make sure you’re a whole and complete human being.

8. Are you down for whatever?

Being “down for whatever” is another way of asking if you are loyal.  In a world where most men have enemies to fight on a daily basis, a loyal woman becomes an incredibly valuable asset to that person’s life.  If you are a fly-by-night woman who runs off when times get tough, you’re not worth the time of a relationship, and damn sure aren’t cut out for marriage.

9) What is your “skill set”?

By “skill set,” I’m not talking about skills you can put on a resume.  I’m talking about the “skillz”…..the stuff you can’t really talk about in public.  Even if a woman doesn’t look that good physically, if she can make a dude’s toes curl, she has a good chance of being the one he wants.  Men are physical creatures, and we can’t apologize for that.  If the sex is boring, we’re out.

10) Let me see your legs again?
While the legs don’t tend to have the same appeal as the badonk-adonk, they can make a difference.  Some men like thick, cornbread-eatin legs, and some men like the long, slinky legs that can wrap around your torso.  No matter what the man ends up liking about your legs, they can become the bread and butter to get your man to want you.

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