5 Tired Excuses for Staying in Bad Relationships

By Natali Rivers

Let me preface this by saying, I get it. You go through the dizzying grind of club nights and lounges, blind dates and online profiles, the guy who your mama’s church friend’s co-worker thinks will be perfect for you–when you finally get a man who’s worth something, you hold onto him with crazy glue-like grip. However, the problem is that sometimes, these guys aren’t worth it. And before you tell me that I’m wrong, make sure the words out of your mouth won’t be one of the following…

“But he puts it down in the bedroom.”

Aah yes. One of my favorites. You have one of those men that make you sing sweet soprano symphonies in bed, so you stay with him despite the fact that he’s not good for you. Ladies, as much as carnal pleasure is amazing and important, you can’t allow that to be your main reason for staying with a man. There needs to be more substance behind your relationship in order to make it last.

“We’ve been together too long for me to leave him now.”

All I have to say to this is: It’s never too late. Relationships, including marriages unfortunately, are not unbreakable. The amount of time put in does not make the relationship stronger. In fact, it can wear you both down until there us nothing left but bitterness and animosity. You should never let it get to that point. It is the quality of the time put in that really matters, so if you find that your time with your man hasn’t been productive, maybe it’s time to break.

“But he has money!”

I’m not even going to spend too much time on this one because you should already know. Statements like this are straight off the Basketball Wives lineup and I’m not dealing with it. Now don’t get me wrong, financial security is important in a relationship, but it’s a problem when that’s the only thing keeping you there. Just think about this: would you want to be with that man if the well runs dry?

“But he really loves me.”

People say that love is a beautiful thing, but I prefer love can be a beautiful thing. Someone can tell you they love you until they’re blue in the face (and may even mean it), but if their actions say otherwise it’s time to reevaluate. Even trickier, perhaps your man shows you that he loves you, but your feelings aren’t the same. It ‘s going to feel horrible, but you have to let go. You deserve to feel the same joy that he experiences with you.

“But he has so much potential”

Girl, stop! You need a man not the Little Engine That Could. Find someone who is on your level or is nearly there. It may seem cool to be his guiding light now, but if that potential turns into nothing, you’ve wasted your time and earned yourself a puppy dog. Or on the flip side, some guys make it and drop you faster than you can blink. Weigh the options heavily before trapping yourself with someone who’s not going anywhere. Remember, you can’t change anyone until they are ready to change themselves.

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