J. Cole – Any Given Sunday #1 EP

Until his highly anticipated and debated debut album Cole World: The Sideline Story hits stores on September 27, J. Cole has decided to deliver a constant flow of material to his fans. Every Sunday from now until that date, Cole will be releasing a song, video, or other piece of content, such as this EP that he put up on his blog last night. Properly titled Any Given Sunday #1, the project consists of one track that he wanted to save for his second album, one brand new collaboration with his friends Omen and Voli, and three other cuts that you may already be familiar with. See below for the tracklist and descriptions of the songs, and download the EP here.

1. Like A Star– Was saving this for the 2nd album. Due to some other shit beyond my control, I’ma let this out now.

2. Knock On Wood- One of my fav. freestyles.

3. Pity- Brand new J. Cole, Omen, Voli. Produced by Voli @volitheentity

4. How High– at one point this was guaranteed to go on The Sideline Story.

5. Unabomber- Just heard this today for the first time in a longgg time. Love these raps.

Every Sunday til the album drops I’ll be back with something. Maybe just 1 song, maybe a video, depending on how I’m feeling.

September 27! We almost there. Until then…

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