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(5) Songs to get you “In The Mood”

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Track 1: In The Middle, Trey Songz

In this song Trey slowly seduces you with his words as he tells you what he wants. All you have to do is close your eyes and let the song work its magic.

Track 2: Slowly, Tank

The slick piano, sharp horns and the passion in Tank’s voice leave very little to the imagination. It’ go.down. (Slowly.) This six minute song is full of peaks and valleys so intense it’s almost spiritual. Whether you’re just listening or are following the songs instructions you’ll be spent afterward. Make sure to hydrate.

Track 3: Seems like your ready, R. Kelly

i meannnn… this song really just speaks for itself. Im pretty sure most of us were born to songs like this.

Track 4: Freek’N You, Jodeci

Automatic Babymaker, if you’re not tryna get your freak on… dont even bother playing this song. This is perfect for that nite when you just cant get in the mood.

Track 5: Float, Anthony Hamilton

Listening to the strength of Anthony’s raspy alto, the pulsating bass line and the flawless harmony will have you wondering why your clothes are still on. The song starts slowly, builds climatically and then ends peacefully with instrumentals laced with heavy breathing and chuckling. Sound familiar?

Kevin Durant: Catches Fire in the 4th Qtr (UNEDITED)

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Look At Me Now – Chris Brown ft. Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes ( COVER, PARODY)

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Joyrich x Keith Haring Capsule Collection

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Joyrich continues to come out with interesting collaborations for Spring/Summer 2011. Today we take a first look at their upcoming work with the Keith Haring Foundation. As part of the capsule collection they present a tote bag, a backpack and sunglasses, all featuring all-over designs by the late artist. Look out for a release soon.

This girl can singgg!

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Nine Personality Types That Men Won’t Date

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Signature Quote: “When are you coming back? Why don’t you want a relationship? Why don’t you want a relationship with me?”
Dead Giveaway Traits: Cries after the first date, shares too much about her pooch that died, and wants to get married by a certain deadline

Signature Quote: “You bought me a diamond? Awww thank you! Oh, it’s only five karat? But, baby, I said the 10-karat one!”
Dead Giveaway Traits: Will sell her soul if it’ll get her a designer bag and three new pairs of shoes

Signature Quote: “Who is Shanika Quentin and why did she write “hello” on your Facebook wall at 10:45pm last night?”
Dead Giveaway Traits: Actually knows very well who Shanika Quentin is, since she stalked Shanika’s apartment from 10:46pm until the next morning (when Shanika found scratches on her car on her way to work)

Signature Quote: “You lost your job? How the hell are you going to support me then?”
Dead Giveaway Traits: Stays well-fed when everyone else is hungry, considers her child with a good man “hers,” and with a trifling man, “leverage”

Signature Quote: “Baby, I missed you these past nine days while you were working late in President George Washington’s office!”
Dead Giveaway Traits: Dumb as hell

Signature Quote: “I’m not giving you sex, till you make more money”
Dead Giveaway Traits: A combination of all the other women (Needy, Greedy, Crazy, Self-Centered, Dense, T.M.I., Rough-Around-the-Edges, and Unfaithful) listed herein

Will Smith’s Words of Wisdom

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