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(5) Songs to get you “In The Mood”

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Track 1: In The Middle, Trey Songz

In this song Trey slowly seduces you with his words as he tells you what he wants. All you have to do is close your eyes and let the song work its magic.

Track 2: Slowly, Tank

The slick piano, sharp horns and the passion in Tank’s voice leave very little to the imagination. It’ go.down. (Slowly.) This six minute song is full of peaks and valleys so intense it’s almost spiritual. Whether you’re just listening or are following the songs instructions you’ll be spent afterward. Make sure to hydrate.

Track 3: Seems like your ready, R. Kelly

i meannnn… this song really just speaks for itself. Im pretty sure most of us were born to songs like this.

Track 4: Freek’N You, Jodeci

Automatic Babymaker, if you’re not tryna get your freak on… dont even bother playing this song. This is perfect for that nite when you just cant get in the mood.

Track 5: Float, Anthony Hamilton

Listening to the strength of Anthony’s raspy alto, the pulsating bass line and the flawless harmony will have you wondering why your clothes are still on. The song starts slowly, builds climatically and then ends peacefully with instrumentals laced with heavy breathing and chuckling. Sound familiar?

5 Tired Excuses for Staying in Bad Relationships

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By Natali Rivers

Let me preface this by saying, I get it. You go through the dizzying grind of club nights and lounges, blind dates and online profiles, the guy who your mama’s church friend’s co-worker thinks will be perfect for you–when you finally get a man who’s worth something, you hold onto him with crazy glue-like grip. However, the problem is that sometimes, these guys aren’t worth it. And before you tell me that I’m wrong, make sure the words out of your mouth won’t be one of the following…

“But he puts it down in the bedroom.”

Aah yes. One of my favorites. You have one of those men that make you sing sweet soprano symphonies in bed, so you stay with him despite the fact that he’s not good for you. Ladies, as much as carnal pleasure is amazing and important, you can’t allow that to be your main reason for staying with a man. There needs to be more substance behind your relationship in order to make it last.

“We’ve been together too long for me to leave him now.”

All I have to say to this is: It’s never too late. Relationships, including marriages unfortunately, are not unbreakable. The amount of time put in does not make the relationship stronger. In fact, it can wear you both down until there us nothing left but bitterness and animosity. You should never let it get to that point. It is the quality of the time put in that really matters, so if you find that your time with your man hasn’t been productive, maybe it’s time to break.

“But he has money!”

I’m not even going to spend too much time on this one because you should already know. Statements like this are straight off the Basketball Wives lineup and I’m not dealing with it. Now don’t get me wrong, financial security is important in a relationship, but it’s a problem when that’s the only thing keeping you there. Just think about this: would you want to be with that man if the well runs dry?

“But he really loves me.”

People say that love is a beautiful thing, but I prefer love can be a beautiful thing. Someone can tell you they love you until they’re blue in the face (and may even mean it), but if their actions say otherwise it’s time to reevaluate. Even trickier, perhaps your man shows you that he loves you, but your feelings aren’t the same. It ‘s going to feel horrible, but you have to let go. You deserve to feel the same joy that he experiences with you.

“But he has so much potential”

Girl, stop! You need a man not the Little Engine That Could. Find someone who is on your level or is nearly there. It may seem cool to be his guiding light now, but if that potential turns into nothing, you’ve wasted your time and earned yourself a puppy dog. Or on the flip side, some guys make it and drop you faster than you can blink. Weigh the options heavily before trapping yourself with someone who’s not going anywhere. Remember, you can’t change anyone until they are ready to change themselves.

Nine Personality Types That Men Won’t Date

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Signature Quote: “When are you coming back? Why don’t you want a relationship? Why don’t you want a relationship with me?”
Dead Giveaway Traits: Cries after the first date, shares too much about her pooch that died, and wants to get married by a certain deadline

Signature Quote: “You bought me a diamond? Awww thank you! Oh, it’s only five karat? But, baby, I said the 10-karat one!”
Dead Giveaway Traits: Will sell her soul if it’ll get her a designer bag and three new pairs of shoes

Signature Quote: “Who is Shanika Quentin and why did she write “hello” on your Facebook wall at 10:45pm last night?”
Dead Giveaway Traits: Actually knows very well who Shanika Quentin is, since she stalked Shanika’s apartment from 10:46pm until the next morning (when Shanika found scratches on her car on her way to work)

Signature Quote: “You lost your job? How the hell are you going to support me then?”
Dead Giveaway Traits: Stays well-fed when everyone else is hungry, considers her child with a good man “hers,” and with a trifling man, “leverage”

Signature Quote: “Baby, I missed you these past nine days while you were working late in President George Washington’s office!”
Dead Giveaway Traits: Dumb as hell

Signature Quote: “I’m not giving you sex, till you make more money”
Dead Giveaway Traits: A combination of all the other women (Needy, Greedy, Crazy, Self-Centered, Dense, T.M.I., Rough-Around-the-Edges, and Unfaithful) listed herein

The Grimy Things Women Do

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By Veronica Wells

Lead men on

“Let’s be honest, we love attention. And some of us will go to great lengths to get a keep a man’s eyes glued, even if we could honestly care less about him. (Ouch!) Sometimes we’re trying to protect the feelings of guy friend but other times…we just need a TP (testosterone provider) to get us through the dearth of eligible men.  If you are trying to do the right thing by a friend, just let him know now. Otherwise you’ll end up snapping later when he doesn’t seem to get the real message you were trying to send…just two months too late.”

Talk about other Women

“Whew! We’ve got to do better. Everybody talks about everybody but women engage in some of the most scandalous, back-stabbing conversations around. Who among us hasn’t been in the company of women who just dogged their “best friend” like she was a stranger on the street minutes after she left the room. One thing I notice about the XY types is that they say some rude and reckless things about their friends too, but it’s often to their face. We could stand to get like them… in that regard.”

Expect men/people to read our minds

“We’re so wrapped up in our thoughts that we feel everyone else should be just as in tune. I mean geez notice the signs: I’ve been ignoring your jokes, sitting at the other end of the couch and giving you the silent treatment for the past two hours?!? Even though I told you “everything’s fine” in my fake voice surely you should feel that something isn’t right. Ha! It sounds silly when you read it, but that’s exactly how we act sometimes…and we’re dead wrong. Communication is key, otherwise you’ll just end up exploding later when you see him laughing and enjoying life while you fester in your feelings.”

Say “No” too often

“This one is tricky. Due to the ever growing percentage of male whores out there, we women have to be careful; but, in the rare opportunity when a brother who’s done nothing wrong (yet) steps to you respectfully and with some semblance of game, why not give him a chance? We’ve all fallen victim to rejecting the guy who walked across the club to ask us to dance while every other dude on the floor is just running up dry humping everything in sight. This same no principle continues in the context of a relationship, whether in the bedroom or not, sometimes we just need to be more open.”

Indulge in jealousy

“We are constantly comparing ourselves to other women, the way we dress, the way we wear our hair, how many men tried to holler etc. The list could go on for days. Instead of validating ourselves we constantly look to other people to make us feel better, if only for the moment. When no one’s around to do so- that green eyed monster infiltrates our brain and starts talking real crazy. Instead of ignoring the little devil we fall right into his lies.”

Use our femininity/sexuality for personal gain

“Our sexuality and femininity are gifts from the divine, a powerful blessing and curse. So powerful is this weapon of ours that some of us use it for financial gain. Too often there’s a woman out there who’s ready to spread her legs or break in a new pair of knee pads to “get some where in life.” I’m not talking about the woman who just enjoys sex, I’m referring to the manipulative woman who believes her talents and non-sexual skills aren’t enough to compete against the men and women that are hustling for theirs.”

Chase after money

“We women want to be comfortable, in fact men want the same thing. But in this quest to get money we can’t sell our souls. There are so many of us out there who will cling to a man we have no physical, emotional or spiritual connection to simply because he can pay our bills and buy us a couple of shiny things. It’s quite sickening, not to mention it puts men on constant alert when a genuine woman is trying to get to know him and not his wallet.”

Worship our hair

“I was talking to my mom on the phone the other day and she said, “When I had my sister locs, I thought I was the ‘s,’” (She doesn’t cuss well.) “Which is probably why God took them away from me.” *Busts out laughing.* You see my mother is a breast cancer survivor and when she went through chemo therapy she asked my father to shave her head so she wouldn’t have to watch her hair fall out. That was an important lesson. Our hair is beautiful and unique and fabulous, but at the end of the day it shouldn’t define us.

But unfortunately as the movement toward natural hair continues, women across the nation are getting out of control. Your blackness isn’t found in your hair, your identity isn’t in there and neither is your soul. If you’re addicted to Remy, weave on, if you can’t breath without a relaxer, straighten on and if you’re au naturale, let your fro free; but know, the hair we dote over so much is dead. So stop trippin’ because it could all be gone tomorrow.”

Over analyze

“We sit and think and rehash and recreate and rework, revise and replay our most unpleasant memories so often that our mental DVD is scratched. For one reason or another we can’t let the past go. This mental mind game wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t affect our present day actions and feelings toward certain folks. We replay the wrongs inflicted upon us by a man from ten years ago. And the really sick part is, while we’re sitting there letting him occupy our thoughts, he’s moved on, married, with three kids who he takes to Disney World every year. Don’t you want to see Mickey? Then you have to let it go.”

Give in to our nosy nature

“Somehow many of us inherited the Inspector Gadget gene. Whether we’re in a secure, stable healthy relationship or we knew dude was wrong the moment we met him, it’s in our nature to want to know. I hear men say “I don’t want to know ” all the time and they genuinely mean it. We may say we don’t want to know but when presented with the opportunity to gain a little information, we’ll seize it every time and most the time we end up stressed out because of it. If you suspect, you’re probably right so just go ahead and confront the man.”

Seek Revenge

“After all the time over analyzing, we’ve come to the conclusion that somebody has to pay! Whether it’s that backstabbing girlfriend, your low-down, dirty ex-boyfriend or the waitress who rolled her eyes at you, they must suffer the consequences of their actions. I remember in second grade my best friend did something to piss me off so I aimed my Capri Sun at her shirt and squirted. I laugh at the story now, but it really is sick. Seeking revenge is so unhealthy. Not only is it a viscous cycle, you might just do something that’ll land you in prison or even worse an insane asylum.”

Just.. Watch!

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Nine Signs You’re With the Wrong Guy

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Relationships may seem elusive or few and far between. However, there is no reason to stay in a losing situation just to say you aren’t alone. We often time ignore the signs of a bad partner because we don’t want to be alone or because we want something to work that really, well, shouldn’t. If you find any of the signs below in your relationship, chances are…you’re caught up in a ‘bad romance’.

1) He Doesn’t Make You Feel Good: Your partner should make you happy with his presence in your life more often than not.  While even the best couples have bad days, fights and moments of discontent, you should genuinely appreciate and enjoy the man in your life. If the thought of your boo brings up feelings of ambivalence or neutrality, you might be dealing with the wrong fella.

2) He Actually Makes You Feel Bad: It’s one thing to find a man unremarkable, but if the idea of your man turns you OFF, then you need a new man. And if this guy makes it his business to put you down or treat you cruelly in any other way, then you may be dealing with an abuser. Anyone who treats you with malcontent or disrespect has no place in your life. Let him go.

3) He Doesn’t Treat You The Way You Wish To Be Treated: Speaking of how he does you when he does you how he does…even if the treatment you get isn’t necessarily ‘bad’, if it isn’t what you want from a man, it might as well be. For example, if you like for a man to treat you as a total equal, you might not do well with the man who wants to spoil you like a princess. If you want a sensitive man who attends to even your most trivial worries, then the strong, silent and uncommunicative gent might not work for you. That doesn’t mean that you should be above checking your expectations and questioning how reasonable they are, but you don’t want to waste your time (or anyone else’s) if they can’t provide what you want from a partner.

4) Nobody Else Seems To Approve: Now, while friends and family can be some straight up haters when it comes to even a wonderful mate, if NO ONE in your life is willing to cosign the relationship…this may be worth exploring. Why don’t they like him? Is it the way he speaks to you? Do they feel like you are using him (or vice versa)? Does he have a checkered past, or worse, a checkered present? If your peoples’ reasons for voting ‘no’ on your beau are sound, then you should give them some serious thought. Trust me, if your mama saw good ole Tommy on, she’s not hating…

5) You Can’t Stop Your Wandering Eye: Even the happiest woman can recognize other fine men in her space. She may even occasionally fantasize about doing some extra-curricular activity here and there. However, if you feel that you are constantly worrying over men other than the one you’re with, then you might not be happy enough at home. If that’s the case, you may wish to consider bouncing before you make a move that can hurt you both.

6) He Bores You: Love isn’t exciting every day; a wise man told me that even the best relationships may resemble an old, comfortable pair of socks over time. However, if you find that your boo is dry as toast more often than not, then you probably aren’t with the right person.

7) You Hate His Interests: The Feeling Is Mutual: A fervent D.I.Y-er can peacefully co-exist with a sports fanatic even if they have no interest in participating in each other’s activities. But if the things that he does actually bother or annoy you, then you might not be able to make this work. Even the girlfriend who hates basketball should be cool with sitting through some games, just as he should be down to drive you to the craft store and hold some sticks in place so you can finish your birdhouse. If you can’t support one another’s passions enough to at least agree to give each other space to engage them in peace, no bueno.

8) You Don’t See A Future With Him: Hey, Mr. Right Now is more than sufficient if you BOTH are cool with having a little fun. But if you are ready for something of significance and he’s clearly not it…well, he ain’t it! Don’t prolong the inevitable or cause either of you any unnecessary pain by trying to put a square peg in a round hole.

9) He ‘s Not Trustworthy: No matter how much you may like someone, if he doesn’t deserve your trust…if he misrepresents his actions, doesn’t make time for you or seems guarded about significant portions of his life, then you are more likely than not dealing with Mr. Wrongy McWrongerton.

What did we leave out? What are some of the other signs that your man ain’t the one? Sound off!

I Can Tell When She’s Faking It, 6 Signs She Had An Orgasm

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Written by: Mr Blogxilla

Frankly, I don’t give a damn if a chick fakes it or not, but I can tell when if I put it down, or if I struck out, or I was just average. When you eff a woman good she will let you know without saying a word. Mainly because there are a few things that happen after amazing mind blowing sex or you just blow her back out.

Snuggie: If you eat it and beat it the right way chances are the girl will want to cuddle after sex. If she places her head on your chest or places her arm around your body chances are she loved how you made her feel. Now while this isn’t always a telltale sign that you put it down it at least means that she likes you.

Maka A Sandwich – Its just like training a dog how to do tricks, if you do something good you get a treat. That’s why if your boo rolls out of bed and into the kitchen and makes you a sandwich, or get you something to drink. It’s safe to say you did the damn thing. If they are too tired to move, and ask you to get up and get them something to eat or drink… That is also good. But if you hear “*expletive* get me sunthing to drink” You probably failed.

Weak: Your lover probably has a lot of pride and doesn’t want to let you know you got the best of them in bed, but you want to know and don’t want to ask… watch how they walk. If you did your thing she won’t be able to walk in a straight line or her knees will be so weak that she stumbles into the dresser and damn near breaks your mirror. True story.

Kool-Aid – Once after beating it up like Chris Brown on a February night, I had my chick smiling so hard I thought Heath Ledger had came back to life as a woman. (Pause) After having amazing sex, she’ll be so happy, shocked and surprised she got the good good, that it might take all night for her to wipe the smile off of her face.

Tears Of A Clown – Have you ever gave it to a girl so good that she started crying? I have and this was over the phone so you know it was good. Another time I was balls deep in this chick, I’m talking doing my thing. I pulled her hips closer as I hit it from behind, rubbed her cl*t and gave her the manxilla simultaneously, I gave her the D, pulled out and gave her the tongue and went back in with the ManXilla. I gave her body so much attention that I noticed her start to shake, felt her get wetter and I saw tears begin to pour from her eyes.

Put Her To Bed – After putting it on your lover, and they roll over and falls asleep. You must drain her, give her multiple orgasms, and a few smacks to send her nighty night. She’ll be so drained that all she can do is start snoring. No getting up to wash anything off, no sandwiches, no juice, or anything else. Just snores and little wet spots on her pillow because you put them to bed. Give them a good 15 minutes of rest and get busy again… If you can wake them again.