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Invoxia iPhone become pro’phone

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AT&T agrees to buy T-Mobile from Deutsche Telekom for $39 billion

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Wowzers! AT&T and Deutsche Telekom have entered into a definitive agreement for the sale of T-Mobile USA for $39 billion in cash and stocks. The combined customer base of this upcoming behemoth will be 130 million humans, though the agreed deal will have to pass the usual regulatory and closing hurdles before becoming complete. The two companies estimate it’ll take them 12 months to get through all the bureaucracy — if they get through, the proposed network merger will create a de facto GSM monopoly within the United States — but we don’t have to wait that long to start discussing life with only three major US carriers. Press release follows after the break.

Video: Jay-Z – Evolution of My Style

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Jay-Z talks about how his style has evolved over the years in one of the bonus videos from the Jay-Z DECODED iPad/iPhone App.

Etre Touchy by Etre

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Digital communications agency Etre have created gloves that expose the tips of the thumb and index finger, specifically designed for using touch-screen devices.

Called Etre Touchy, the gloves allow contact between skin and the screen, required by many devices.

Photographs are courtesy of Etre.

Here’s more information from the designers:

Etre Touchy gloves are a stylish, fun and practical way to keep your hands warm and dry while using your touch-screen phone, portable games system, music player and other electronic devices.

While a normal pair of gloves might keep your hands snug and dry, they won’t work with modern touch-screen devices like the iPhone or iPod Touch – which respond only to skin-on-screen contact. Their bulkiness and lack of sensitivity also leads to fat-fingering misery when using the tiny keypads of other mobile devices.

Fingerless gloves do pretty much exactly the opposite: Their missing fingertips allow you to operate modern touch-screen devices and provide the dexterity necessary to avoid fat-fingering hell. But they don’t keep your hands snug and dry. No fingertips means cold, wet and dirty digits, which kinda defeats the purpose of wearing a pair of gloves in the first place.

Etre Touchy gloves give you the best of both worlds: They give you the warmth and dryness of a normal pair of gloves combined with the touch-screen/electronic device compatibility of fingerless gloves.

That’s because they are “part normal pair of gloves, part fingerless pair of gloves!” That is, they cover your middle, ring and little fingers completely, keeping your hands cosy, clean and damp-free; while exposing only the tips of your thumbs and index fingers, allowing you to touch, tap, stroke, slide and pinch your device’s display in any which way you choose!